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Vision Inspection

Machine Vision has numerous applications in manufacturing. This example combines automatic feed, robotic handling, servo positioning and a high resolution camera to measure (9) critical features of machined components.  The robot also sorts rejects in support of statistical process control.

Automatic Gaging

Physical contact gaging is applied in mass production to insure product quality and statistical process control.  This machined part is inspected for Hub Diameter, and Flange Runout.  Rejects are isolated by feature in support of Quality Assurance

In-Process Verification

Automated assembly requires in-process verification to insure the efficiency, effectiveness of output.  Part presence, component quality, accurate orientation and measure of critical process variables are displayed in this example.  Pressure decay leak test is also applied to insure functional integrity.

Automatic Leak Test

When Mass Flow Leak Test is applied to larger parts with variable volume, temperature stability is critical.  In this example, parts are cooled as they exit a wash process.  Significant effort is made to stabilize the temperature of the part before application of a Mass Flow Leak Test.  Rejects are automatically isolated as parts exit the leak test station.

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