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Molten Metal Delivery

Men in silver suits moving molten metal from a launder system to DCM holding tanks are no longer required.  This gantry mounted robot Molten Metal Delivery System takes the operator out of harm’s way while opening floor space for die change and maintenance.

Casting Cooling Tower

Low pressure die casting core sand requires up to an hour of cure time to bake the binder out of the sand, facilitating sand removal.  This gantry robot tended Casting Cooling Tower provides first in, first out management of the casting cooling process.

Ferrous Casting Pre-Finish

Prior to heat treat and finish machining, castings typically require a pre-finish process.  In this casting pre-finish cell, vision inspection, cut to length, die flash removal/polish, geometry checks, and pack out are automatically applied to this Automotive Component at a rate of (1) part every 22 seconds.

Casting Gate Cut

The DIE CASTING process produces Risers, Runners and Gates that must be removed during the casting pre-finish process.  This system integrates a fixed position saw blade with robotic presentation of the casting.  Alternate concepts include stationary casting fixtures with reciprocating saw blades or robot mounted saws. Effective management of chips and scrap are critical in every application.

Tilt Casting Pre-Finish Cell

Another example of the casting pre-finish process.  In this case, extraction, inspection, skull cut, water quench, gate cut, flash removal, laser mark, and pack out are automatically applied to this Automotive Component at a rate of (2) parts every 52 seconds.

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