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Indexing Assembly

Synchronous and non-synchronous indexing motions are applied to the manufacture of Automotive Electronics. Synchronous indexing dials are connected via non-synchronous pallet conveyor, allowing accumulation between critical assembly operations. Over-all efficiency is significantly improved by this design.

Continuous Motion Assembly

High volume production, typical in Consumer Products, requires continuous motion assembly equipment. A perfume spray cap is assembled at 100 ppm. Rotating fixture plates interact with cam driven process tooling to provide smooth and reliable performance with incredible throughput.

Lean Assembly

High mix/low volume production requires a challenging balance between labor and automation.  Process control and quality assurance are of the highest priority in the manufacture of this Automotive Component, while manual operations significantly reduce the cost of material handling.

Robotic Assembly Cell

Flexibility, safety, and labor cost reduction are the driving forces behind robot integration. 6-axis robots mounted to floor transporters dramatically expand each robot’s work envelope.  A wide range of product configuration is required in the manufacture of this Agricultural Equipment. Robot integration manages this with relative ease.

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