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Robot Integration

Robotic Weld Cell

This WELD CELL combines robotic load/unload with (2) TIG welding robots and headstock/tailstock coordinated position of the product.  Vision inspection for quality assurance is also a typical feature of a system like this as well as all necessary operator safety measures.

Fabtech Show

PDSI’s booth at FABTECH was a huge success.  Our P3 Position Products stole the show at North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event. Robot transporters and product position platforms combine to create Machine Tending, Material Handling and Weld Automation SOLUTIONS YOU CAN TRUST.

Machine Tending

Casting Pre-finish is a hazardous environment for any operator.  The heat of casting, the weight of the parts and the nature of quenching and material removal, presents a prime opportunity for robotic material handling.  In this example, robots are tooled and programmed to move product through a series of process stations without operator intervention.

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