Our Heavy Part Positioner lineup incorporates the latest technologies in precision motion control.


Floor Transporter System

Originally designed to handle the harsh environments of robotic welding, PTP Series Floor Transporters have found acceptance in a variety of other applications including machine loading and die casting/injection molding.

4 Payload Classes - 500kg, 1500kg, 2500kg and 4000kg

Intrinsic protection of linear rails and rack eliminating the need for flimsy, bolt-on covers

Parametric Base from 3 – 100 meters in .5m increments

High precision, Low backlash, Helical rack and pinion drive

Multiple carriage options available

Enclosed energy chain option available


Robot Rail System

Robot Rail Systems offer space efficiency and performance in a variety of applications including, arc welding, machine tending and material handling. Available in Wall mount, Over-head mount and Elevated configurations, PGP rails are designed with performance in mind.

3 Payload Classes - 500kg, 1500kg, 2500kg

Velocities up to 3m/sec (payload dependent) High Precision, Low Backlash, Helical Rack and Pinion Drive

“X” and “Z” Axes Options available

Multiple Carriage Options available

Flexible Support Column Mounting Locations

Parametric Support Column Height Specification

Headstock Positioners

Stand-alone or in conjunction with our optional tailstocks the PHP Series provide a single axis of rotary positioning ideally suited to robotic arc welding applications. Smooth, precise rotation enables true coordinated motion of customer parts during the welding process.

Tailstock options include fixed, manual and a choice of powered sliding units. Our “Z” Lift Option provides additional flexibility for flexible swing clearance requirements.

Payload Capacities from 2,500kg-20,000kg+

Carbon Brush Ground Capacity 600A Std.(1200 or 1800 amps Optional)

Through-Hole Facility for Cable Services

“Z” Axis Lifting Capability Option

Skyhook Positioners

Skyhook positioners provide the ultimate in part positioning while reducing robot work envelope requirements. The ability to orient welds in the flat position can increase throughput and weld quality.

Payload Capacities from 2,500kg -10,000kg+

Standard Carbon Brush Ground Capacity 600A (1200A or 1800A Optional)

Adjustable Counterweight for varying payloads

“Z” Axis Lifting Capability Option

Custom Positioners

Custom Positioners offer 2 degrees of positioning freedom. The head/tailstock support configuration affords the same positioning freedom for larger work-pieces with even larger workenvelopes and heavier payloads.

Payload Capacities from 5,000kg -20,000kg+

Standard Carbon Brush Ground Capacity 600A (1200A or 1800A Optional)

Adjustable Counterweight for varying payloads

“Z” Axis Lifting Capability Option.

Engineering Experience

Since 1979 PDSI has leveraged our engineering experience to create quality products and turn-key solutions for discerning customers throughout North America and beyond. Blending engineering excellence with machine building expertise the PDSI P3 product team is dedicated to delivering the best solutions for your robotic positioning needs.

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